Zhejiang Lujin Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company Information

NEWHEMP was founded with a mission to develop and source the sustainable also trendy fabrics.We use natural fibers,such as hemp,organic cotton,combined with sustainable fibers like recycled PET,etc.We use less energy equipment and zero toxic chemicals in our production.We also explore and use natural plant dyes,carefully monitor and control waste water to minimize the impact on the environment.We ensure that all our products are made in workshops with good working conditions and full compliance to the social responsibility.Our company is located at the Yangtze River Delta Area (i.e. a conjunction area of Zhejiang,Shanghai and Jiangsu)where there are the most advanced textile technologies and textile value chains in China.With thissituation,we have our own fabric production line and can also consolidate the whole fabric manufacturing process from fiber and yarn spinning,weaving/knitting,to dyeing&finishing.We follow high requirement in our production line and our QC take full responsibility in the whole production. Our manufacturers have the certificate for the social compliance, chemical control, quality control etc. Our bulk fabric can pass the tests from third party testing lab like SGS, ITS,BV etc. We can also provide the third party inspection report.We worked with fabric designers in Europe to develop new fabric items, and keep a cooperative relationship with all kinds of well-known fiber, yarn, natural dyes and functional auxiliary manufactures to ensure that our new fabrics are in trend with the latest textile technology. Every year you can see our fabrics in Shanghai, Pairs, New York, Munich and Tokyo textile FairsMore and more Apparel brands Accessories brands use our products. We are always in the sustainable trend!