Shanxi Greenland Textile Co., Ltd.

  • Telephone:86-356-4832559
  • Country:China
  • Rating:4.9
  • Address :Luohua Road, Jinjiao Industrial Park, Jincheng, Shanxi, China

Company Information

Shanxi Greenland Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of organic textiles and our main products are pure hemp (organic hemp) and blend fabric mixed with hemp, cotton, organic cotton, silk, wool, tencel, modal and viscose fiber. Our organic cotton and organic linen textiles are certified with IMO and Control Union Certifications. Our business covers spinning, weaving, dying, and clothing. We supply raw hemp (organic), hemp fiber, hemp yarn, hemp fabric, hemp garments, hemp bedding, hemp T-shirts, organic cotton yarn, fabric, organic linen yarn, and fabric.Main products -Hemp yarn Pure hemp yarn (3Nm-60Nm), hemp/cotton (organic) (5s-40s), hemp/wool yarn (1Nm-60Nm), and hemp/silk yarn (12Nm-120Nm) used for knitting, weaving.-Hemp knitting and woven fabric Pure hemp fabric, hemp mixed (with natural fiber) fabric, and all kinds of weaving and knitting fabric -Hemp garments Hemp jeans, hemp pants, hemp shirts, hemp jackets, hemp T-shirts, hemp sweaters, and hemp clothes for women and men -Hemp T-shirts Pure hemp T-shirts, hemp/cotton T-shirts, hemp/organic cotton T-shirts, and hemp/ rayon T-shirts -Hemp belts, hemp/cotton towels, and hemp/cotton Turkish towels -Hemp socks, hemp caps, hemp bags, hemp shoes, car cushions, and hemp beddingOther products -Hemp/bamboo, hemp/tencel, hemp/soya, hemp/recycled polyester, and hemp/organic cotton fabric and clothing -bamboo knitting fabric and clothing -Bamboo/organic cotton knitting fabric and clothing