Jiangxi Harmony Industrial Co., Ltd.

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  • Country:China
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  • Address :The Agricultural Bank Of China, Yichun, Jiangxi, China

Company Information

Jiangxi Harmony Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Gao'an City, 60 kilometers away from Nanchang city. We have developed into a relatively strong comprehensive supplier of rice oil and ancillary products with eleven years. We focus on to supply the local competitive advantage products to the coastal developed economic areas and the world via internet, by using our extensive connections and strong resources and information channels which are established on these years. Our associated factory have several crude rice bran oil immersion production lines and refining rice oil production lines, two oleic acid refining equipment. The company adopts advanced production equipment and excellent processing technology, mainly produces rice bran oil from rice bran. Our product include: ordinary refined rice bran oil, low-temperature refined rice bran oil, first-class rice bran oil, deoiled rice bran, rice bran wax, fatty acids, stearic acid, oleic acid, camellia seed oil, camellia seed meal, rapeseed meal, corn oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, etc. At present, the daily processing of raw rice bran can reach 800 tons, crude rice bran oil 300 tons; daily production of refined rice bran oil 200 tons; low-temperature refined rice bran oil 100 tons; fatty acid monthly refining 2,000 tons; oleic acid monthly processing 3,000 tons; deoiled rice bran continuous monthly production 10,000 tons. Packaging has many ways, such as flex tank, drum, small package, so that it can be shipped to all parts of the world. Welcome to your consults!