Guangzhou Purple Tobacco Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

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Company Information

Founded in May 20, 2013, Guangzhou Ziyan E-Commerce Co., Ltd., possessing about 72 employees and 2,500 square meters rented ground containing 800 square meters office area , is specialized in the production and marketing of yoga clothes, such as yoga pants, shorts, leggings, vest, bras, jackets, hoodies, coats, headbands etc. Its brand is widely known as P Y G, the Top 10 Stable Sales of Yoga Series in Alibaba domestic station. This company combining industry and trade, has its own garment factory and a team of professional designers to undertake O E M and O D M clothing orders from all over the world. Although only four years after the establishment of this company, but the company's factory was established in early 2002, with over 15 years of clothing production and processing experience and has about 40 workers, fully capable of any process of production and enable to ensure production efficiency and the quality at the same time. Meanwhile the company and many other large garment processing enterprises maintain close cooperation, to ensure the customer's requirements on the update of supply and product. Welcome great clients from all over the world to have a visit to our company and place orders. Zhiyan,where you can find whatever you what,is your better choice.