Clx Assessoria Em Importacoes E Exportacoes Ltda

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  • Country:Brazil
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  • Address :Av. Protasio Alves, 1128 / 403, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Company Information

CLX Global Sourcing specializes in foreign trade, managing and developing import and export business. Our services are performed by highly trained professionals in both Brazil and China in order to make your transactions easier, quicker and safer. CLX is certified by VeriSign, a regulatory agency that recognizes the quality of processes and business by international companies.MissionSeek the best business opportunities in the international market and offer them to our clients.PurposeProvide high-quality services in order to rank among Brazils leading foreign trade companies.ValuesCommitment to clients / Business transparency / Excellent services / Focus on results / Legitimacy / Quick and effective processes / Social and environmental awarenessCLX transacts business for the Brazilian industry while representing it and opening up opportunities for different world markets. To this end, our business consists in accrediting major suppliers and major buyers, thus making it possible to create and maintain strategic partnerships for companies when distributing their products.The accredited suppliers and buyers are selected with the help of different analytical systems and careful checks so that CLX can have the credibility to form partnerships in the international commercialization market.CLX is internationally certified by VeriSign.