Asfi Impex

  • Telephone:+92-333-8260767
  • Country:Pakistan
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  • Address :Behind Soni Palace Hakeem Khadim Ali Road, Sialkot, Pakistan

Company Information

ABOUT US | ABOUT ASFI IMPEXThanks for reading about ASFI IMPEX. It's our privilege to introduce us as well knows leather goods manufacturing company. We are professional in the field with proven skills and modern technology. We believe that making motorbike leathers is not only to make you look graceful but we also do concern about your safety during professional ride on tough tracks with all of risks of crashes.Our Moto "High quality and no compromise with quality"Our Aim "Provide the best leather of the world to make our customers stay with us forever" Even though we deal with other leather goods like leather garments, textile garments, racing boots , Sports wears , Hoodie T shirts , working Gloves , Leather Belts , Caps , Surgical Instruments and much more. It is a family owned company with all of support of community and customers. With the help of customers who made us a company, we are growing so rapidly across the world. We do have dealers, shipping offices and customers in every single country of this world. Name on it and we would have something belong to your country.Because of "ASFI IMPEX" growth in various countries we are deciding to start our own shipping company to put our customers on Top Priority. Hope ASFI IMPEX will announce this news.ASFI IMPEX is not only one place, person and not only in one country. We have 3 running units and only one is owned by ASFI IMPEX. Because the burden of work during season, ASFI IMPEX decided that instead of starting own units the others in community to live unite.We are little expansive then others. Reason is very simple "quality and customer service". We charge enough to a customer to do let them have batter quality without trouble. Sometime during delivery and custom we do have to send same item again but we handle all condition fast and don't hold the merchandise to make a customer contact to us or to pay more. It is just an example. We invest of everything 5 starts to provide you 5 stars service.Please feel free to contact us. We will be glad if you will. We can make anything as client's demands to see just a simple photo of product. We have team of expert with experience of more than 10 years in their fields. Thank and best regards,Team of ASFI IMPEX